Mt Revelstoke National Park

Mt Revelstoke
Here we are at the top (nearly) of Mt Revelstoke at the beginning of a wonderful walk, the Meadows in the Sky Trail. Front row, Janet, Thelma, and ?? maybe that's Julie in disguise. Second row, Graham and Stuart. Oh heck, now where is Rod? Perhaps he is smelling the flowers.

And if your timing is just right, there are plenty of flowers to smell.

Selkirk Mountains
The Selkirk Mountains.

Sky Trail
In 2011, we got to the end of the Meadows in the Sky Parkway a bit earlier than usual and the shuttle van to the top was not operating. We hiked the final few hundred yards in elevation gain, which was actually about a mile walk. Tony, Stefan, Jacque, Anne, and Michel made it to the sign for the start of the Meadows in the Sky Trail. Rod and Julie were apparently still huffing and puffing along the trail. Hey, the air was thin at that elevation.

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