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Snowy Range cliffs
The 2013 gang posing in front of the light-colored Snowy Range cliffs towering over the roadway. Maximum elevation in the Snowy Range is Medicine Bow Peak at 12,013 feet.

Mirror LakeMirror Lake as seen from the picnic area. This is just one of many lakes located near the Snowy Range Pass.

Lake Marie
We could not get to Mirror Lake in 2014 because it was still snowed in. But we did get to Lake Marie, which is right next door.

Lake Marie

Lake Marie
Across the road from Lake Marie were Richard, Julie and Stuart in the snow.

The Group
The 2014 characters also posed in front of the Snowy Range cliffs. Looks like Julie, Stuart and Philip did not get the memo about being incognito by wearing helmets.

2015 Group
These are the 2015 folks in front of the Snowy Range cliffs. It looks like we managed to get a couple of motorcycles in the scene as well. Those would be a HD ElectroGlide and an Indian Chieftain.



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