Lolo Pass

Lolo Pass
Lolo Pass
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Winding Road Next 77 miles

My favorite caution sign is on the Lolo Pass Highway, "Winding Road Next 77 miles," and that about sums it up. There are actually more like 180 miles of "winding road," which make this such a winner. The curves are mostly sweepers that can get you well over the speed limit, so take care because it is patrolled, mostly in Idaho.

You can catch this route in Lewiston, Idaho and head for Missoula, Montana. It starts getting fun in Lenore, ID and about 180 fun miles later you reach Lolo, MT. There are lots of intermediate stops that are worthwhile, including the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center at Lolo Pass and the Lolo Hot Springs.


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Last updated on 02/19/2012.