Grande Ronde Road

FR 51
Oregon FR 51
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The Grande Ronde Road, or Oregon FR 51, is a little road that follows the Grande Ronde River, and all its curves. It is a little bumpy with some pot holes in the southern portion, but the recently resurfaced road in the northern half gives a perfectly smooth ride with well engineered curves.

Here is a picture of Rod in a typical corner in the northern portion.
FR 51 Corner

This road is located in northeastern Oregon and is most easily found by first going to La Grande, OR. Head north on Interstate 84 and take Hwy 244 west toward Ukiah, then FR 51 south toward Granite. The best plan is to combine this road with numbers 10 and 12 to make a great weekend loop. Stay in Sumpter, Oregon as a rustic intermediate stop.


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Last updated on 02/19/2012.