Temple de la Sagrada Familia
The Temple de la Sagrada Familia is probably the most impressive structure in Barcelona, truly amazing. By Gaudi.

Casa Batllo
Casa Batllo, also by Gaudi. Gaudi is very prominent in the architecture of Barcelona.

La Rambla
The most famous avenue in Barcelona, La Rambla. Cars are accorded a narrow lane on either side of the wide central strolling area.

La Rambla
Street vendors and performers abound along La Rambla. These two "statues" are actually performers on bicycles, covered from head-to-toe in metallic paint.

Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus at the Port of Barcelona pointing the way to the New World.

Port of Barcelona
Headquarters of the Port of Barcelona.

Port of Barcelona
Rows and rows of sailboats docked at the Port of Barcelona.


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