Obidos is a very small town, completely enclosed by lofty walls.

Obidos retains a medieval feel: cobbled alleys, whitewashed houses framed with bright blue and yellow borders, and steep staircases winding up to the exposed ramparts.

narrow cobble-stoned alley
Larry and Rod walking down one the narrow cobble-stoned alleys in the evening after all the day-tourists had left.

Casa Saint Thiago do Castelo
We stayed here at Casa Saint Thiago do Castelo within the walls of Obidos. We also rode our bikes inside the village walls; not something we would do again because the streets/alleys are quite steep and parking is nearly nonexistent.

the group
That's us in front of the Castelo de Obidos (built in the 12th Century), now containing the Pousada de Obidos.


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