Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone National Park undoubtedly has the most variety of sights of any National Park in the United States. The various thermal features are probably the best known, but there are also deep river canyons, waterfalls, and a great variety of wildlife.

Old Faithful GeyserOld Faithful Geyser is the icon of Yellowstone, and it really did spout right on schedule when were there. Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future performance. There are many more and larger geysers, but none are as famous as Old Faithful. Other sights resulting from the closeness of the earth's hot inner core include crystal-clear boiling water pools, boiling mud pots, and mineral hot springs, such as Mammoth Hot Springs.

Grand Canyon of YellowstoneAnother place in Yellowstone that is not to miss is the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Carved by the Yellowstone River, this Grand Canyon is not nearly as expansive as the "real" one in Arizona, but it is very impressive and has beautiful shades of colored rock along the canyon walls. Not to be ignored are the waterfalls of the Yellowstone River.

The wildlife of Yellowstone, listed in approximate order of probability of seeing, include elk, buffalo, bald eagles, moose and wolf. If you don't see at least elk and buffalo, you weren't looking in the right places.

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