The Pre-Alps

The area south of Munich is full of great roads, neat churches, beautiful mountains, and some of the best castles to be found anywhere.

Munich is just north of the Alps, so it doesn't take long to get into some great motorcycling on the roads south of Munich. You can ride through rolling hills and along curvy mountain lakeshores in the region known as the pre-Alps. As is evident from this map, we picked the smaller roads and even a couple of little toll roads.

Map of Germany

I have a few videos from my helmet camera to give you an idea of some of the great riding through this region.

WeissKirchPerhaps the best church in Germany is the WeissKirch. WeissKirch is an amazing little unpretentious-looking church in an open field. Once inside, you'll understand why this church is designated a UNESCO site. The interior is simply beautiful.

Munich countrysideAs one would expect the mountains and lakes south of Munich are wonderful.

castleSome of the most famous castles in the world are located in this region of Germany, and they are all associated with King Ludwig.

Austrian AlpsWe also ventured further into the Austrian Alps and linked up with our friends at MCi Tours at the little village of Kuanertal. They were conducting a tour of the Alps for a group of motorcyclists from the UK and Kaunertal was the first of their touring centers. Unfortunately for us, the weather had turned bad (including fresh snow in the mountains) for the couple of days we were there.

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