California Redwoods

Coast RedwoodsThe Coast Redwoods can grow to more than 320 feet tall (about the height of a 30-story building), with trunks more than 24 feet in diameter. Their range extends from southern Oregon to central California within less than 50 miles from the Pacific Ocean coastline. The proximity to the coast is due to the vital importance of fog and moisture to the survival of these trees. A walk through a stand of old growth Coast Redwoods is a solemn and awe-inspiring experience.

Giant SequoiasGiant Sequoias can grow to a height of more than 250 feet (about as tall as a 25-story building), with trunks more than 30 feet in diameter. They are really big. The oldest recorded specimen was more than 3,500 years old. Giant Sequoias exist in 77 scattered groves along the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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Last updated on 02/19/2012.