Plains of Wyoming

Although we enjoyed other mountain ranges on our travels between Colorado and Northwestern Wyoming, like the Sierra Madres and the Snowy Mountains, riding the plains of Wyoming was a totally different experience. While mostly flat, the plains have tremendous variety in colors and contrasts. There is no better way than riding through it to appreciate the expanse of the Western United States.

You can see for milesYou can see for miles and yet not see any towns, ranches, or houses. When you do reach a town, you may take the opportunity to sample some of the local delicacies, like Rocky Mountain Oysters (if you haven't heard of them, look 'em up on Google). Take in one of the best museum complexes in the West, the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming, or just enjoy the variety of shapes and colors of the rocks and earth.

stormThe plains, as well as the Rocky Mountains, can bring impressive storms that move quickly through the region. Be prepared and be careful of lightening.

bugsPrairie Dogs are plentiful along the roads through the plains. You can usually avoid them, but we had less luck avoiding the bugs. Bring a good helmet visor and cleaner.

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