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We toured Spain in September 2002, primarily as part of an organized tour with MCi Tours. Because we couldn't find the type of motorcycles in Spain that we wanted to rent, we started this tour of Spain in England. We rented a pair of BMW R1150RTs from SPC Motorcycles in Lower Farringdon, southwest of London. MCi Tours is headquartered in Manchester, England, and the owners and Tour Director/Chief Financial Officer of MCi Tours, Alastair and Fionna McFarlane, guided us from England through France on a fabulous 4-day "mini pre-tour." The actual MCi Spanish Heritage Trail started in Burgos, Spain, and visited six of Spain's eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites over the span of 10 days. Not only were there wonderful historical sites in Spain, the roads between sites were magnificent motorcycle roads. Julie and I finished off our tour of Spain with an additional five days in Northern Spain after the MCi tour. We then took the Brittany Ferry from Northern Spain (Santander) to Southwestern England (Plymouth) for our final leg back to return the motorcycles and fly home.

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