A Motorcycle Tour of Portugal and Southern Spain

We were on lots of great roads in Portugal, that's why we went there. The roads highlighted here were not the best roads we found because we were too busy having a blast to stop and take pictures on those roads. If you take a look at the roads below and watch the videos, you will probably think that if these roads aren't the best, then I want to go ride them all. Good plan!

N339 The Serra da Estrela is the largest mountain range in Portugal and it has lots of curvy roads.

N221 There is one major river valley (the Douro River) and several smaller river valleys that are crossed in going from the Serra da Estrela to northern Portugal. Crossing the valleys and following the rivers generally made for great riding. The N221 is one fantastic example.

N227 N227We encountered the N227 on our way to the Atlantic Coast near Aveiro. It is a wonderful little road that is south of, and runs roughly parallel to, the Douro River.

N110 The N110 gives a scenic ride as it follows the Rio Mondego, the longest river that is wholly within Portugal.

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