A Motorcycle Tour of Italy

Julie and I did a couple of motorcycle tours in Italy. In 2009, we toured north of Rome, mostly in Tuscany and Umbria, with our friends Ken, Laurie and Lloyd Ken, Laurie and Lloydfrom the USA, and friends from the UK when we joined the MCi Tour of Italy in Perugia. In 2013 it was just Julie and me, and we went south of Rome. In total, we traveled 3079 miles in Italy. The orange lines in the map below are the GPS tracks of our two trips. Italy is a wonderful place to tour by motorcycle and we had a great time. Come along with us by clicking the hyperlinks or thumbnails below.

Italy Map

We rented motorcycles from the same place in Rome for both trips, Central Italy Motorcycle Tours, and we will gladly rent from them again.

On our 2009 trip to Italy, we spent a few days sightseeing in Rome Rome before we picked up the bikes because there is so much history there. It also helped us get over jet lag before we started riding around the country on motorcycles. From Rome we headed north into Tuscany and then into Umbria, and encountered many picturesque villages villages and beautiful countryside countryside all along the way. In total we spent nearly two weeks touring these two delightful regions of Italy.

Julie and I went back to Italy in 2013 as a pre-tour to joining up with an MCi Tour of Greece (a story for another time). We again started in Rome, but this time we went south, to the Amalfi Coast. Suffice it to say that there is good reason for the Amalfi Coast Amalfi Coast to be the popular tourist destination that it is. Then we headed up the center of Italy to the port town of Ancona on the Adriatic Sea. Along the way, we had the good fortune to stay in several more fun Italian villages/towns. Italian villages/towns

Rod and JulieHope you enjoyed our trip!

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